Why do you need a No-Code Website Builder in 2022?

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Time and time again we see multitudes of innovations in the world of web design. This decade has seen a paradigm shift and a technological revolution has taken the world by storm. This technology called No-Code Website Builder enables you to create attractive and functional websites without the hassle of coding. Let us be real, almost every creator, brand, and entrepreneur wants a powerful website to showcase their offering to their target audience, and oftentimes many have to outsource programmers to not just build websites but to maintain them as well. This creates an unhealthy dependency on external links and in turn, poses to be a potential roadblock to these brands. Before the invention of such a technology, if you did not know coding there was no way you could build a beautiful responsive website.

Even today, a lot of people ask us “Why do we need websites altogether? Is digital presence important? Before we establish what No-Code Web Development and No-Code Website Builders are, you need to know how creating a website benefits you in the long run:

Why do you need a website?

We believe that a website is a platform where you have a chance to captivate the traffic, prove why you are better than your competitors, and convert them into customers. The need for a solid website to elevate your business cannot be emphasized enough. Let us discuss 4 major reasons why having a beautiful and functional website will foster growth and elevate sales for your business:

  1. 24/7 Online Presence

A website represents you 24 hours a day 365 days a year without any restrictions on the location. Even on days when you may have a business holiday or times when your office hours are over, a website can guide a customer to inquiring about your business or possibly stimulate a purchase over the comfort of their home. Think of a marvelous website as the display and décor in a shop, one would only go inside a store if it is decorated tastefully. Likewise, a customer or potential customer will only browse through your website if it is aesthetically pleasing and great in functionality! Trust us, it will aid all your marketing efforts tenfold!

2. Foster Credibility and Reliability

If a customer wants to have any association with you, he will have to know that you are reliable and can be trusted. A few years back, you could get away with having a simple website and creating a huge customer base. Nowadays, with the cutthroat competition and market saturation, customers have become very picky. If you have a strong website that showcases your vision, values and establishes credibility, there is a high chance of attracting customers. If people see the time you have put into creating a wonderful website, they may be convinced that you will add some value to their lives.

3. Display your Portfolio

A good website does not restrict you from just making a sale. It is an amalgamation of many elements for your business — a major one being exhibiting your work experience and portfolio so your potential customers can establish trust in your brand. Let us say you are a salon, you have a rate card, your contact information, and a review system but how will you convince a customer to get his hair cut by you and not your competitor? Yes, you have a gallery wherein you upload all of the hair you have worked on so any potential customer can have a chance to view your work.

4. To Stimulate Revenue and Sales

It is evident that no visitor will stay on your page unless they’re attracted to it. That is why your website needs to look and feel like nothing they have seen before. People get bored easily as we have so much media around us to consume, they will only stay if it intrigues them in a way. It is pivotal for businesses to have a professional website with detailed designs and an interactive interface so people would want to make a purchase. Having a solid website does in turn translate to increased sales and revenue.

What is No-Code Web Development?

Now that we have established why you need a cutting-edge website, let us delve into how you can create one without the stress of coding. No-code development is a type of web development that allows non-programmers and programmers to create software using a graphical user interface, instead of writing code. A huge misconception about No-Code Web Development is that it is only beneficial for people who do not know how to code. Let us clear the air, No-Code Web Development is highly loved and widely used in the developer’s community!

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