Typography 101 : Everything you need to know!

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Whether or not you are a designer, you are always intentionally or unintentionally subjected to the world of typography. If we tell you to look around in a 1-mile radius and grab a product or two, you will realize type is all around us! A great example of how typography leaves an everlasting impression on people is the iconic Coca Cola logo, you can spot the beautifully cursive font anywhere you go and associate it directly with the brand that can also evoke the feeling of thirst in some people, all of that just because of the excellent typography. Digital interfaces all around the globe are loaded with visuals and written words. Not going to lie, Type design is still intimidating to many designers. Recently we had an interaction with an impeccable designer who let us in on his big secret that after all his years of experience, he still gets jitters when it comes to type design. Honestly, Typography is a key element of design and can make or break it. Being subject matter experts in the realm of design, we oftentimes notice that design-centric companies overlook the importance of typography without realizing that it is the key factor in gluing your brand together.

So, what really is Typography?

Typography, in layman’s language, is the art of arranging text and letters in a way that makes the copy legible and attractive to the reader. Do not be confused, the world of typography is filled with jargons that may confuse you if you are just testing the waters. It is an amalgamation of design as well as arrangement of the letters. Eg: Line length, spacing, point size, etc!

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You must have read about Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press in your schooling days. Well, that was the time when typography was learned through printing materials in real physical places. Nowadays it is different though, In the digital space, creating typography is super feasible.

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