The Fundamentals of Responsive Websites

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In this day and age, you can only build a loyal audience if you offer unparalleled experiences, a good quality product alone does not suffice the need of the hour. People believe in what they see — It is just the simple truth of life! If you look around, you will notice that brands are going above and beyond in shaping experiences for their users that ultimately translate to their acquisition. Let us be real, the era of non-responsive websites is long gone. Art concepts and experiential designs have now rewired the way designers used to perceive web design and development.

Let us give you a scenario to offer you a glimpse of what responsive design is. Imagine you are out shopping in the mall and you lay your eyes on the shirt of your dreams. Your eyes beam with joy and you can already imagine how dashing you will look wearing it to your friend’s party. Suddenly, all your dreams shatter when you find out that they don’t have it in your size. You go find an employee to scan the barcode to see if they have it available in your size in any outlet around the city! He scans it for you to tell you to purchase it online as there are only 2 pieces left in your size. You hurry up, pull up your phone and try adding the shirt to your cart. The interface is haphazard, the “Add to cart” button does not work and the website does not seem to be mobile-friendly. Upon seeing your frustration, the employee who helped you comes up to you and says “Sir, our website only works on desktops — You can try to order it when you get home.” There could be two outcomes to this, Number 1 — You give up, look for an alternative and call it a day. Number 2 — You rush home and order the shirt through your desktop. In both cases, however, you were subjected to a bad user experience.

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