The Art and Science Behind Color: Color Theory!

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If you are mildly or heavily invested in the world of design, we are certain you may know a thing or two about the significance of color theory. For a designer, it is pivotal to know the ins and outs of color theory to create designs that foster an impact. Color is an approach that influences almost everything we visually perceive and encounter on a daily basis. If you google the definition of color theory, you will be subjected to a plethora of concepts and meanings, however, only a few will thoroughly explain how it helps you. Understanding how color is formed and the relationship between colors can help broaden your perspective and aid in elevating your potential as a designer.

5 Awesome facts about Color that will thrill you!!

  1. Colors can be optical illusions and can trick your mind.
  2. Men and Women see the color Red differently.
  3. Some people have a phobia of colors.
  4. People are more likely to forget something when it’s in black and white.
  5. Red is the first color a baby sees.

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So, what really is the Color Theory?

If you think back to school, you may remember the color wheel being taught at a very basic level. Let us hit rewind and go back to our school days — There are three primary colors — Red, Yellow, and Blue and can combine to create secondary colors that in turn combine to create tertiary colors. All in all, all colors are made from the primaries.

Color theory is the comprehensive collection of principles and guidelines that are heavily used by designers to communicate with viewers through different interfaces. It creates a balanced structure for color. To pick the best colors and establish exclusivity, designers take the help of the color wheel that helps them in designing elements with regards to psychology, human optics, diversity, etc.

The Color Wheel

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