How Minimalism is taking over the Design Space

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“Minimalism is not about having less. It’s about making room for more of what matters.”

Minimalism is a virtue that embodies clarity, simplicity, and usefulness. Let us give you a situation that encapsulates everything minimalism stands for — Imagine you are going to an outdoor event on a bright sunny day where there’s going to be a lot of photography involved. You reach out for a tube of sunscreen in your vanity and squeeze out a huge dollop of it on your face. Bam! The next thing you see is a white cast that is not blending into the skin. What could you have done differently in this case? Well, you could have taken a few drops and worked your way up according to how much you actually needed. This is a classic case of “Less is more”.

At this very moment, our brain is saturated with the information overload we experience on a daily basis. From our experience in the industry, we think there are two spectrums of designers in the ecosystem — ones who believe that minimalism strips away the true essence of a design and others who believe that it is a philosophy of creating a design where every element serves a valid purpose.

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