How is AI a game-changer for Content Marketing?

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Content Marketing has seen a rapid rise within the decade. It has preceded traditional marketing tactics and has proven to drive more traffic. We are not surprised though, the thing about Content Marketing is that it answers your audience’s questions which in turn establishes trust with your audience. So how do we elevate it even further? Well, Integrating AI and content marketing will revolutionize the game altogether! To be fair, AI is a force to be reckoned with. We feel it has truly changed the way brands produce content. We at Apric have first-hand experienced the dire need from clients for personalized content in a limited time frame. There has been a shift in the paradigm from traditional buyer personality-based content strategies to AI strategies. We can go on and on about how many things need to be checked before any piece of content makes it to the internet, be it keyword research to optimization. Today, everyone directly or indirectly interacts with AI on a daily basis. As the technology grows, we can safely assume that AI has started to change the game for Content Marketing, let us find out how:

  1. Chatbots

A Chatbot is a software application used to conduct an online chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent. It is user-friendly and navigates smoothly. What makes it awesome is that a chatbot can simplify tasks and allows you to type or talk as if you were conversing with a human in your native language. This in turn provides a quick resolution to customer queries!

2. Automated and Speedy Content Curation

AI is progressing at a massive pace wherein it can extract data and analytics and place them into content easily. AI can perform all kinds of tasks like Content Research, Content Recommendations, and SEO! Manual content creation takes up a lot of time and there is room for some error if one does not proofread enough. With AI, the process speeds up and we can achieve great results!

3. Audience Analysis

Audience analysis helps marketers get insights into the customer’s minds. Through the use of AI, they can analyze the audience and curate content based on their needs and requirements. Let us assume you are looking for a laptop and you are browsing a few options from different sellers, you decide to switch through applications where they sell electronics and add a few in your cart, then you casually browse through some other app and you notice that you are getting advertisements for the products in your cart encouraging some sort of call to action. These are called Targeted Advertisements. Well, safe to say that AI is a game-changer!

4. Personalized News Feeds

Take your and your sibling’s phone, hold them next to each other and go to each of your Instagram. Go to the Reels or “For you” page and you will find a startling difference in both, why is that? Well, AI enables social media to customize user’s feeds in accordance with their liking and preference. So if you like supercars, your feed will show you content revolving around supercars, whereas if your sibling likes fashion, they will have a customized feed for fashion-related content. This is how AI works to deliver what the audience is actually looking for. For brands, this information is very helpful as it helps create more relevant content, reach the right kind of audience and generate more ROI.

AI-powered content is absolutely a game changer for brands! It will continue to evolve at an even faster pace than it is right now and we could not be more excited!! Let us know in the comments below how you think AI will revolutionize Content Marketing! We would love to hear your thoughts.



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