How can you use Color Theory to your advantage?

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In our last blog, we talked about the significance and the true meaning of Color Theory. In case you have missed out on that blog, here is the link to help you get the knack of how colors work — . Here on, we will dive deep into the world of color to help you gain a deep understanding on how you can perfect your work as a designer.

Color Systems

  1. RGB: Additive

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The additive color model allows you to create colors by combining Red, Green, and Blue light sources of variable intensities. If you combine all the three additive colors (Red, Green, and Blue) you achieve pure white light. This also is the base of all colors you see on digital screens. Here, white represents the combination of color while black denotes the absence of color. TVs, screens, or any digital equipment use RGB as building blocks, so when working on any digital element, use RGB not CMYK.

  1. CMYK : Subtractive

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The major chunk of colors you see on printed elements use the subtractive color model. This in simple terms elucidates that you subtract the light from the paper by adding more colors. Just like additive colors, subtractive colors have three combinations — Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. These pigments don’t fully absorb light, so there is a need to add a fourth compensating element known as “Key” which is Black!

How is Color Theory important?

Let’s be real, Color plays an indispensable role in our world. From influencing people to making important decisions, colors even have the ability to stimulate hunger or raise your blood pressure. The list goes on and on. You may go anywhere in the world, and interact with a person of any ethnicity or culture, he will still relate to color the same way as you, the biggest example of this is a traffic light: Red means stop, yellow means caution, and Green means go! Likewise, developing business stationery or product labels requires extensive research of color and its significance. The prime importance of color theory is :

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