How can Storytelling help my brand?

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“Kuch meetha hojaye?”

These three words by Dairy Milk revolutionized storytelling in the Indian Market. If there’s any festival around the corner, Cadbury makes sure to evoke emotional appeal by mirroring occurrences that happen in every household.

Not just Cadbury, almost every brand on the face of the planet incorporates storytelling in their communication.

One of my favorite advertisements — Moments by Volvo shows a little girl’s conversation in conversation with her mother about everything she wants to achieve and all adventures she wants to be a part of, as she overcomes her fear of her first day in school.

This goes by a flash as you see another story playing out at the same time, a distracted woman driving to work while the little girl crosses the road. The two stories meet in a nerve-wracking way as she brakes at the right time.

Do not worry, this ends well.

The little girl and the woman driving to work go on with their day happily giving out a beautiful message that moments that never happen are the ones that matter the most.

The crux of this is to elucidate how extensively a story can impact your mind.

I was talking to my little cousin the other day about his favorite bedtime stories and it got me thinking about how brands leverage that to create exceptional campaigns that resonate with kids. Children’s culture is based on the concept of discovery.

Discovery could be in the form of slapstick magic tricks or through a long list of absurd questions like “why is a fan called a fan?”.

Their humor is typically restricted to knock-knock jokes or quirky riddles. Stories to children portray a simplified view of the concept of life! The beauty of a story is that you can explain the most challenging scenarios in the simplest forms.

Once upon a time…… ZZzzzZZZ

No, not all stories make you sleepy. In fact, stories have the potential to rewire your brain, give it a different perspective on things and quench your thirst for learning.

Just imagine you are wanting to become more environmentally conscious and you take a step towards educating yourself about the benefits of adopting the lifestyle.

You ask two friends who are on the same path, one of them sends you a list of bullet points elucidating the advantages of contributing to the environment and the other one articulates his experiences in the form of a story to tell you how being environmentally aware has changed his life.

Which one would you be more convinced by? Well, if you are anything like the 99.9% of the population, I am pretty sure you would choose the latter!

If we go by the books, storytelling is the act of telling or writing stories or narratives. Frankly speaking, storytelling is an art and requires a high degree of creativity and skill.

It is not something that you would learn from a YouTube video. To master storytelling, you need to experience a lot of trial and error to see what works out for your audience. Don’t just storytell for the sake of storytelling, it should add some kind of value to your audience’s life. It would be ideal if you could brainstorm and create a mindmap of your target audience and see what kinds of content they like to consume. After that, pick a few of the topics from the brainstorming session and narrate them as stories. This way, you can test for what kinds of topics resonate with your audience and continue to work your way up from there.

Storytelling has been in this world for ages. You could see artifacts used by cavemen in museums to this day. Since the start of human civilization, humans have interacted through cave wall art. Few of the most primitive pieces of evidence of storytelling have been discovered through cave drawings in Lascaux and Chavaux, France 30,000 years ago.

These cave wall arts portrayed animals, humans, weapons, and other objects used to communicate via storytelling.

But how can “Storytelling” benefit my brand?

If you are an entrepreneur or know one, you would probably know how pivotal brand loyalty is. Storytelling can help attain brand loyalty through personalization and uncovering your audience’s motives beyond the surface level.

Weave stories that hit home

If you want to stand out, take the user through your story that makes them feel a sense of familiarity. Connecting your product to a part of users’ life can absolutely change your marketing trajectory. Let them in on your growth, learning curve, and processes.

If you can easily articulate your offerings in your stories, you can outshine your competitors and build a loyal audience.

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