10 ways to supercharge your blog performance by 100%

3 min readNov 28, 2022
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Blogging isn’t relatively new. In fact, the first ever blog was created by Justin Hall on Links.net in 1994, the same year Tim Berners-Lee invented World Wide Web. Though blogs are widely misconstrued as cash grabs or lead generation sources, brands that do it with that sole motive often don’t succeed.

Blogging is an art, an art that requires a dire passion for the written word, ground-breaking knowledge on the subject, and of course the main ingredient that binds everything together — storytelling!

I was recently in conversation with one of my friends who happens to own a small business that sells self-defence tools for women. Her concern with blogging was that it would not yield any result no matter how hard she tried and was on the verge of giving up. This is the trajectory of almost all brands that delve into blogging — they start without a checklist, don’t see any results, and ultimately quit.

You need to look at it this way — Your blog would bring people to your site, and typically can be what brings them back a second, third, and fourth time. We all know that visitors that return have a better chance of converting as they have some kind of trust established with your brand. In this case, what value can you provide to them through your blogs? How can they benefit from your content? What strategies can you implement to make sure your efforts are in line? Think about it!

Even though blogging has been a sure-fire thing for decades, it is still a grey area for a lot of individuals and businesses. This is what compelled us to write a dedicated content piece that would guide a brand to success in terms of blogging. For brands that don’t have a checklist yet, this blog would surely be your knight in shining armour!

  1. Reinforce your mission

A lot of people confuse the mission with the output or results of blogging. A lot of folks, if asked would say that their mission is to get 10x traffic on their website through their blogs. This is the first loophole. If you think this way, it would be very difficult for you to leverage blogging as means of lead generation.

A blog mission statement reminds you why you are blogging in the first place. It helps you, your team, and even your audience understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. This would be completely exclusive to your brand making it something your audience can resonate with.

2. Social Proofing

We believe that the best method for social proofing is to let your customers talk! They say writing content for the audience makes a huge difference, we say writing content WITH them makes the most difference.

There are so many ways to do this — Reviews, Testimonials, Guest Blogging, etc. Just pick up your niche and let your customer feel that his opinions are valued. This would not only leave an everlasting impression on him but his opinions would resonate with so many of the others! The goal here would be to put them at the center of the story, not your brand.

3. Incorporate a Content Calendar

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